Romney's Ridiculous Jobs Goal Undermined By Walker's Ridiculous Jobs Goal

Scott Walker's political fortunes are wilting under the weight of his absurd pledge to create 250,000 jobs in Wisconsin in four years - - or roughly 5,000+-a-month - - so here comes Mitt Romney who suggests that he'd oversee an economy producing 500,000 jobs a month nationally.

Consider that Wisconsin has about 2% of the country's population and shows up often in the middle of the pack in other indices, so speaking generally, can a Romney led-US produce 2% of those jobs in Wisconsin?

That's be 10,000 new jobs every month - - or twice the rate of Walker's failed pledge.

As I said, I'm speaking generally, but you get the picture and can see right through this job-creating fake narrative.

In fact, only 6,000 new jobs have been created in Wisconsin the last 12 months, according to Walker's Secretary of Workforce Development.